we're here to ensure that epilepsy or a brain injury is not the deciding factor in one's life.

We provide experienced and flexible services for individuals dealing with the effects of seizures and/or head injuries.



New Beginnings Day Program

  • Social & Recreational Programs
  • Exercise & Mindfulness Programs
  • Life Skills Programs
  • Community Outings & Special Events
  • Virtual Online Programs

Peer Mentoring

  • OBIA Peer Mentoring Program
  • GBV Peer Mentoring Program

Advocacy & Referral

  • Assistance with official paperwork
  • Referral to other agencies and organizations
  • Technology & Devices Training

Epilepsy Services

  • Support and Advocacy
  • Early Intervention Services
  • Consultation and Outreach
  • Community Education

Support Group

  • Men’s Support Group held virtually
  • Caregiver Support
  • Uplift Epilepsy Support Group
  • Peer Support Groups

Our Mission

We are committed to promoting independence and optimal quality of life for individuals living with epilepsy and/or acquired brain injury and their families, through support, advocacy and public education.



"I have been accessing programs and services with SABIC since 2010. I am creeping up on my 12 year anniversary as a client! I participate in the programs held at the Centre and my favourite programs are the mall-walk, cooking, and crafts programs. SABIC allows me to meet new people, socialize, and learn new skills. The programs are very good because of the amazing program staff that are interactive and creative!"

- Tammie

“I have been a client with SABIC since 2019. I enjoy participating in both virtual and in-person programs on a weekly basis. My favourite programs are the virtual BINGO, virtual Vacation program, and the Creative Arts program. I received a Chromebook through the Brain Connect device lending program which allows me to connect to the virtual groups. SABIC has benefited me in my day to day life by giving me the opportunity to socialize, meet new people, and learn new skills. The programs are interesting because they each have something different to offer.”

- Tyler

Our Vision

We are here to assist those with acquired brain injury and seizure disorder to live their best, most fulfilled lives. We hope to do this by providing services, resources and educational materials that enable the community and our clients to better understand their conditions. Our goal is to provide the support needed to pursue a healthy, active life in spite of physical or cognitive disabilities.

Think Ahead Campaign

SABIC takes educating our community about concussion awareness seriously. Choose to Think Ahead with a Think Ahead beanie. When you think ahead, you think about the risks involved in your sport, leisure activities, driving, and work. You take precautions to protect your head and brain, you think about your loved ones, and you choose to love your brain!

Let’s call concussions what they are, mild traumatic brain injuries. Proceeds of each Think Ahead beanie will help support the Seizure & Brain Injury Centre in our mission to educate on the prevention of brain injuries!

Did you know that pompoms are said to have been worn by sailors to prevent them from bumping their heads when they worked in tight spaces and when the seas were rough!

Help us raise awareness of the Think Ahead Campaign on social media by tagging #Seizure&BrainInjuryCentre when you wear your Think Ahead beanie this winter!